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Sales Manager

Rome Boat Experience

“After several years of search for a reliable partner that could take care of the audio commentary system on board of our river boats, I ran into V6E during a WTM at Excel London exhibition, and it has been love at first sight.


We have 3 boats that had to be totally and completely refurbished, we received a complete economical proposal, a visit on sight, and a complete assistance for the first 2 boats. V6E’s staff came all the way down to Rome in 2015 and they installed all the devices, system is perfectly working and not a single jam happened since then. Sound quality is amazing too, they worked on all our old tracks, and the upload phase has been delivered flawless, so the original high quality has been kept perfectly.


We’re expanding our business, new boats are coming, and no doubt that V6E will be our partner again”

Cedric Bloch (2016)


Brigit's Afternoon Tea Ltd Bus Tour

''Very lovely company to work with. Dedicated and innovative''

Bill Devlin (2007)

Engineering Director

Lothian Buses

''A lot of electronic systems come as a bit of a black art with the supplier telling you that have to fix everything and then charge you a fortune to do it. v6e don't work like that, they are very flexible and are there to help, that's why we have just ordered another 12. It is a very good system and has proved very reliable. The product has been fantastic and hiccup-free in operation. We also buy all our disposable headphones from v6e as not all headphones are the same, and we want the best.''

David McConn (2013)

Chief Executive

City Sightseeing Dublin

''We have found them a pleasure to work with. The equipment is fool proof and does what it says on the tin. In my view the support provided by a company is equally as important as the equipment they sell working as advertised. v6e deliver on both and have been a reliable supplier and friend of City Sightseeing Dublin.''

Colin Atkins (2016)

Managing Director

The Original London Sightseeing Tour

''We began working with v6e in 2009, having made a full review of the various on-board commentary solutions available to The Original Tour at that time. We installed the v6e system into our London sightseeing fleet - 94 buses. This has subsequently been proven to be an excellent decision.


Obviously the price was a significant factor, but the v6e system is a great investment from every level. The product quality has been first class, the after-care support excellent and their on-going commitment to product development means that when we eventually renew our system they will be ready with the next generation of industry leading commentary solutions.''

Laurent Mahassen (2015)

General Manager

Big Bus Tours Paris

''v6e are the best!!

Le sont les meilleurs!!''

Gerry Price (2008)

Engineering Director

Big Bus Tours International

''We had a demo system working in London and it proved to be very good. For robustness there is nothing better. In Hong Kong the original tour text was only in English. v6e just went away and got it changed into Chinese without extra cost. It's a good example of looking after a customer. Their desire to support their customers is immense.''

Micha Gottfarb (2015)


Red Buses

''I am actually surprised by the level of service offered by v6e. Over the last few years we have worked with several different suppliers of audio guide systems but no one has been anywhere near the service level and commitment that we have received from v6e. We use their systems in several countries, in buses and boats and they work remarkably well compared to other similar systems that we have in use.''


Sergei Lavrentyev (2013)


City Sightseeing Russia

''v6e are the best you will find with amazing support, maintenance and after sales care.''

Asen Kostadinov (2016)


Go New York Tours

''When you are a small company, it is very difficult to choose which vendor to work with, because your resources are very limited, and your choice can backfire in no time. v6e was different- they turned the entire process into a walk in the park for us. They were helpful from the time we asked for a quote, until the final set up was done. The team explained every detail and guided us through every step of the way. We are confident we got the best quality and the most affordable price.''

Miriam Brady (2017)

Commercial Manager

Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus has worked with V6e for many years.  They are extremely professional and experts in their field.  Customer service is great and the team are a pleasure to work with.  The advice that they provide is honest and frank.  It is great to work with people who also work on a multinational basis and can share their learnings as time goes on.  They are progressive and dynamic.

James T Murphy (2012)

Vice President

Gray Line City Sightseeing New York

''It takes a state-of-the-art technology and the right supporting team for anything to function accurately in New York City, and the v6e Multilingual Commentary System does just that.''

St. John Cooper (2015)

Executive Vice President South Europe, Middle East and Australia

Big Bus Tours International

''v6e... Simply the best!!!!''

Benoit Zoetelief (2016)

Marketing Officer

Hong Kong Tramways

''Launching our new sightseeing tour around Hong Kong, meant finding the right equipment and we’re glad we chose v6e. Their robust technology allows passengers to enjoy the audio commentary in the language of their choosing. The team was responsive and reliable, and took the time to oversee the uploading and installing processes. It is definitely a worthy investment, not only in terms of good value product, but also for the quality of their services. ''See case study.

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